A Leader In Energy Transition Innovation


Our Mission: Integrate carbon management, carbon-capture technologies, and responsible operational programming into the energy sector to foster sustainable practices. We actively manage mineral properties and lead by example in the push toward a cleaner and profitable future. Think of us not just as an energy company but as the designers of a more environmentally friendly tomorrow, powered by energy-dense fuels.

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What Do We Do?

Carbon Management Solutions

Pioneering Carbon-Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Our five-year commitment to innovative carbon-capture initiatives are fashioned after the goals of being effective, responsible, and actionable. With a project using the Muddy-Glenrock oilfields as a platform to safely, economically, and permanently store carbon, we're marrying advanced technology and environmental care to safely store CO2. Tackling climate change while protecting and creating jobs is a priority and through our carbon management, we're making real, positive change — one project at a time.

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Transition with Us Toward a Sustainable Future

Join Glenrock Energy's mission to transform energy production while creating a program combining regulatory, operations, and environmental stewardship. Our advanced carbon management services and energy transition projects lead the way in innovative and sustainable industry practices. It's your opportunity to make a meaningful impact:

Invest in Change

Champion projects that put environmental stewardship at the forefront.

Partner for Progress

Collaborate with us to elevate your operations with innovative carbon management solutions.

Stay Informed

Learn about the latest developments in sustainability from a company committed to transparent and groundbreaking initiatives.