Unlocking Wyoming's Potential
with Carbon-Capture

The Importance of Carbon-Capture and Utilization for Wyoming

Carbon-capture and utilization of carbon dioxide (CO2) is crucial for Wyoming's future. By harnessing the power of this innovative technology, we can:

  1. Utilize coal, an energy-dense feedstock, to produce reliable, cost-effective, and safe electricity while managing the CO2 produced through a process that safely and securely stores CO2.
  2. Unlock stranded Wyoming oil reserves by using captured CO2, which lays a foundation for EOR processes being applied to stranded oil reserves in Wyoming.
oil well with sunset sky behind it

The Benefits of Carbon-Capture for Wyoming

Embracing carbon-capture technology offers numerous advantages for our state:

  1. Enhanced State Revenues: Carbon-capture generates additional revenue for Wyoming through increased oil production and continued utilization of our abundant coal resources.
  2. Sustained Wyoming Employment: By preserving coal-fired power generation and unlocking new oil reserves, carbon-capture helps maintain and create jobs across the state.
  3. Avoiding New State Costs to Residents: The implementation of carbon-capture technology is funded by the private sector, not Wyoming ratepayers, helping buffer electricity rate increases and offsetting declining State revenues - perhaps pushing back the need for new state taxes.
  4. Environmental Protection: Carbon-capture allows us to continue using our coal resources while minimizing the environmental impact by safely and securely storing captured CO2.
  5. Improving EOR Prospects for Implementation: Carbon-capture is a catalyst for increasing the availability of CO2, allowing commissioning of EOR projects, to unlock stranded oil reserves in Wyoming and boosting our state's economy.
  6. Creating Optionality for Preserving Coal-Fired Power Generation: By managing CO2 emissions, carbon-capture provides opportunities for preserving coal-fired power generation, ensuring a stable, safe, and reliable energy supply for Wyoming.

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Carbon-Capture

There have been misconceptions about carbon-capture that need to be addressed:

  1. Carbon-Capture Does Not Raise Electricity Prices. Electric utilities raise electricity prices when regulated utilities invest capital associated with implementing carbon-capture technology at suitable locations in Wyoming – in contrast to, private sector investment being used to design, construct, and commission carbon-capture facilities.
  2. Carbon-Capture Is Not Cost Prohibitive For Wyoming. Private sector CCUS proposals use investor funding, not funds from Wyoming, establishing the framework for the capital cost of Carbon-Capture projects not passed on to the state's citizens.
  1. Carbon-Capture Does Not Create Technology Risk for Wyoming. In fact, grid-scale 'battery' storage - required to manage intermittent renewable energy production - creates energy reliability risk for Wyoming.
oil rig drilling at sunset

Embracing a Brighter Future with Carbon-Capture

By supporting and investing in carbon-capture technology, Wyoming can secure a prosperous and sustainable future. This innovative approach allows us to continue utilizing our abundant coal resources while minimizing environmental impact and unlocking new economic opportunities.

Join us in advocating for carbon-capture and utilization, as it is undeniably in the best interest of Wyoming and its citizens. Together, we can create a positive future for our state, one that generates revenue, sustains employment and ensures a reliable energy supply for generations to come.

The Case for Carbon-Capture in Wyoming
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