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Leading the charge in sustainable energy for a better tomorrow.

Who We Are

Glenrock is a Casper, Wyoming-based carbon-management company. Glenrock is developing carbon-capture, CO₂ sequestration, and related projects in Wyoming. Glenrock is also engaged in the ownership, operation, and redevelopment of the “Muddy-Glenrock” oilfield complex, located in Converse County, Wyoming.

The Muddy-Glenrock fields are well suited for the secure geological storage of captured CO₂ through geological sequestration and low-carbon oil production resulting from enhanced oil recovery techniques

Glenrock is committed to developing markets for traditional energy resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Glenrock was formed and acquired the Muddy-Glenrock fields in 2016 and entered the carbon-capture business as a developer, shortly thereafter.

Glenrock brings in-depth knowledge of the scientific, engineering, economic, and policy implications of capturing and sequestering CO₂, as well as highly relevant project development, operational, commercial, and financial experience.

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Leading the charge in sustainable energy for a better tomorrow.

Our Journey

Glenrock Energy's history is a narrative of growth, innovation, and leadership in responsible energy production. Initially, Glenrock entered the Wyoming landscape as a traditional oil and gas company. However, the company quickly recognized the need for innovation and leadership in the energy transition that was being discussed by Wyoming stakeholders. Over our years of involvement, the company’s milestones have evidenced our stance towards ethical environmental practices.

Glenrock is a strong proponent for implementation of the carbon-capture technologies and adoption of practices that are applicable to energy investments across the spectrum of the energy transition. The projects which are part of the Glenrock portfolio showcase our dedication to being an active participant in an energy transition that respects and protects our planet for future generations.

Steering the Energy Industry Toward Sustainability

Environmentally conscious energy solutions are the bedrock of an economic and innovative transition to a future state that is safe, reliable, and cost effective. Glenrock Energy's pivotal projects are reshaping the oil and gas sector by striking a balance between energy demand, affordability, and sustainability.

Carbon-Conscious Oil Production

In the Heartland of Wyoming's Oil Landscape - the Powder River Basin.

Expansive Acreage: Over 31,000 contiguous acres ready to innovate oil production.
Carbon Management: A potential reserve of up to 90 million barrels of oil intertwined with state-of-the-art carbon-capture techniques.
Climate Impact: Utilizing captured carbon leads to a dramatic reduction in net life cycle carbon emissions per barrel of oil produced (by up to 63%); hence, the term “low carbon oil.”

The Muddy-Glenrock fields stand as a highly-prospective case study for demonstrating environmental stewardship while safely and economically optimizing a natural resource that is very important to Wyoming, and to future generations. In the energy transition landscape, responsible oil production, where safe, and secure revolutionary carbon-capture is merged with proven, and well-established oil extraction methods, a strong foundation for a new paradigm is created within the oil industry in Wyoming.

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Geological Sequestration

Subsurface Storage - Safe, and Secure, Societal Implications

The goal of geological sequestration is storing CO2 securely underground.
Supporting global carbon reduction, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Geological Sequestration is a means to an end; an effective assurance that our carbon footprint diminishes with scientific precision.

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Kemmerer Decarbonization Works

An Industrial Phoenix Rising

Repurposing Wyoming Resources: Combine mature, commercially proven processes to manufacture low-carbon intensity ammonia from coal; unlike conventional ammonia production, over 90% of potential carbon emissions will be captured and sequestered.
Food and Energy Security: 80% of global ammonia production is used to produce agricultural fertilizer that is necessary to feed to world’s population; demand for ammonia as a carbon-free fuel is projected to grow dramatically.
Job Creation Meets Innovation: Hundreds of quality jobs safeguarded and created; maintain critical infrastructure and communities.

Through the Kemmerer project, Glenrock and its partners are not just constructing a facility but a building brighter, more sustainable future. Here, the concept of clean energy becomes reality, underlining Glenrock Energy's commitment to the planet and its people.

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Our Leaders

The leadership at Glenrock Energy is a fusion of expertise, visionary thinking, and a experience relating to sustainability. Every key team member brings a unique perspective and skillset that drives Glenrock Energy towards realizing its goals. Our leaders are deeply entrenched in the energy sector with an acute focus on safety, sustainable practices, fiscally responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Career Opportunities

Join our team of driven professionals dedicated to environmental sustainability. GlenrockEnergy invites talented, individuals to help reshape the energy transition landscape. Checkout our current career openings and start your journey with us today.

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Glenrock Energy is not just an energy company. We are a collective of visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs and skilled practitioners working responsibly to solve regulatory and environmental challenges. Together, we're writing a new chapter for the energy sector – one where carbon-capture and responsible environmental practices set the standard. Discover our story, champion our projects, and join a team that's powering a future where energy and ecology coexist in harmony.

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