The University of Wyoming's Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute and Carbon Solutions, a Michigan-based low-carbon energy research and development group, have recently announced a partnership to develop the Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub project. This groundbreaking initiative aims to create a statewide carbon capture and storage pipeline network, connecting carbon dioxide emitters with storage facilities across Wyoming. Glenrock Energy, alongside other energy industry groups, is backing this project to help meet the state's carbon capture and storage goals.

The Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub project received a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct an initial 18-month study of the commercial CO2 pipeline system. The study will be led by Richard Middleton, CEO and co-founder of Carbon Solutions, and Eric Robertson, Senior Reservoir Engineer at the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute.

Currently, Wyoming's CO2 pipeline is limited in its reach, not connecting with many of the state's CO2 emitters and potential carbon storage sites. The Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub pipeline aims to change this by creating a comprehensive network that will put the state and companies in a better position to meet their carbon capture and storage targets.

The initial planning stage will involve creating preliminary designs for the statewide CO2 pipeline, studying the best routes, and addressing technical logistics such as material requirements and cost estimates. The pipeline is expected to transport at least 25 million metric tons of CO2 per year, with the potential to carry tens of millions more in the future.

This project marks a significant step for Wyoming, which has been increasingly focused on carbon capture amidst declines in its coal industry and Governor Mark Gordon's push to make the state carbon negative. Glenrock Energy is proud to be a part of this initiative, working towards expanding Wyoming's carbon capture infrastructure and contributing to the state's and the country's climate goals.

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