Glenrock Energy is proud to be part of a consortium of commercial partners supporting the Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub (WyoTCH) project, which aims to promote a low-carbon future in Wyoming. The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $3 million to Carbon Solutions LLC to advance this groundbreaking initiative.

The WyoTCH project, led by Carbon Solutions CEO Richard Middleton and co-led by EORI Senior Engineer Eric Robertson, will perform a front-end engineering design study for a common carrier CO2 pipeline system. This system will have the capacity to transport up to 120 million metric tons of CO2 per year, connecting CO2 sources and storage sites from southwest Wyoming to east-central Wyoming.

The 18-month study will focus on various aspects of the pipeline system, including:

  1. CO2 transport costs
  2. Pipeline network configurations
  3. Technical considerations
  4. Commercial considerations
  5. Community impact considerations

By addressing these factors, the WyoTCH project aims to advance carbon management technologies at a commercial scale in Wyoming, building upon the work previously done by the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative.

Glenrock Energy is committed to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable practices and contribute to a cleaner future. By collaborating with the Wyoming Energy Authority and other essential partners such as the University of Wyoming, INTERA, Williams, Carbonvert, Kanata America, and Live Oak Environmental, we believe the WyoTCH project will play a crucial role in shaping Wyoming's low-carbon future.

To learn more about the Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub project, please visit Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub (WyoTCH).